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Laser Clinic in Sechelt, BC

Welcome to the Social Butterfly Media Family….

Timeless Logos-02A bit about them and their services:

Medically supervised medical and cosmetic treatments in Sechelt BC
Book a consultation with one of our doctors to see what treatment is right for you.
  •  Photorejuvenation
  •  Rosacea
  •  Dyschromia/pigmentation
  •  Bruising
  •  Active Acne
  •  Facial Telagiectasia/Matting
  •  Poikiloderma
  •  Angiomas
  •  Leg Veins
  •  Laser Genesis
  •  Trusculpt 3D – small areas (arms, knees, back), Abdomen, Flanks etc.
  •   Botox
  •   EVLT – Endovenous laser treatment

Before and After photos of some treatment options:

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Social Media Marketing DIY

If you are doing your own social media marketing, here are a few stats and some information to keep in mind:


*Facebook is still the most used platform of people who use social media. Coming in at 70% of the users Facebook takes the lead followed by Instagram at 58% of social media users, and finally twitter is 38%.

insta logo

*Let’s talk about Instagram for a moment. Who benefits from instagram marketing? The niches include:

Photographers, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle, Event Planning, Fashion, Family, Luxury, Food.

The primary users of Instagram are women, mostly under 29 years of age, and mostly students.


*How often should you post?

3 times a day, and also engaging a few minutes to an hour each day. (replying to comments, DMs and liking/commenting on other peoples accounts.

Hashtags, what are they?

#hashtags are a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic

It is recommended to use 30 for each post. *tip – keep your set of hashtags in your notes on your phone, and copy and paste them into your post!

Using a hashtag that is less used or popular, gives you a greater chance of being seen for a longer period of time. When you post an image with the hashtag #love for example. There are over 1 billion posts with the hashtag #love…

love hashtag

this means that within seconds, your post will disappear down the page from the search. I took these screenshots about 15 seconds apart…. all the photos from 15 seconds prior were gone down the page lost in the flood of other #love hashtags. Chances of being seen, are much much lower. So for better exposure, use another tag that has less posts.

OK! I’ve given away enough secrets for today!

Remember, if you find this overwhelming or would prefer to have someone else take care of this for you…. hire a professional social media director! 



information credit *Dan Dynneson founder of @WriteArmor

Taking better photos with your smart phone for Social Media

Sometimes, just changing the angle of your photograph makes all the difference!

I don’t always have my slr camera with me, but I do always have my iphone on me!

Posting day to day photos online for me, has to look great! Here are some tips and samples of a professional eye and an amateur.


I got my friend to take a photo of his coffee as he sees it, and as he would photograph it to post somewhere…anywhere. Here is his:


I went ahead and took a few of my own from the same seat, lighting, position etc, I just changed the angle of my phones camera. You don’t always NEED to include the whole object, when perhaps a close up would do better:


Like in life, sometimes you just have to see things from a different perspective.

Why use a Social Media Director

Here’s a guide,


Do you want to increase customer loyalty? Stay top-of- mind for when potential customers need you? Or is your primary goal to increase your top-line revenue?

Silvia is a certified Social Media Director, and her main focus is to increase your business and sales using social media marketing, and website tools. She will start by asking you about your goals and will then propose campaigns to make sure you reach them.


A social media director is a marketing expert. And that means they need to get inside the minds of your customers and found out what motivates them. They don’t necessarily need to have experience in your industry, but they should make every effort to find out about your customers, so they can create powerful campaigns that move you towards your goals.


Is your current social media and website a good and consistent representation of your business?

As a social media director, Silvia will get your website and social media accounts in sync to represent your business with consistent branding, photos, and marketing.

Full service options include any of the following:

Using brand, and direct response marketing to get highly targeted leads and send them to your sales funnel. If you don’t have a sales funnel set up yet, your social media directors first job should be this.

Tracking your return on investment,

staying up to date on all relevant platforms

Getting more visits to your website,

updating your photos,

managing all of your social media feeds,

advertising on social media platforms and google,

marketing your product or service with a targeting approach. All with the direct intent to increase business and online presence and reputation.

Being familiar with the “big five” social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

A good social media director should be experienced on all of them and will be able to show you how each is relevant to your business.

There are techniques and tricks on each of these platforms they can use to help you hit your goals.

Apply to work with Social Butterfly Markenting

Book a 30 minute meeting with Silvia to see how she can help you with any of these areas of your business.

The Buisiness Owners Guide to Hiring A Social Media Director